Tenant CAM Audits

Are your CAM charges accurate?


LPRD provides comprehensive Common Area Maintenance (CAM) audits on behalf of tenants. The CAM audit covers every aspect of the tenant’s bill, including analyzing whether the Pro Rata Share has been accurately calculated, and whether caps, floors and base amounts are properly incorporated. LPRD reviews the appropriateness of categorical expenses and analyzes the application of specific lease pass-thru language to all expense items.

This review may uncover errors which can result in significant current and future-year savings to the tenant. Furthermore, LPRD’s team of experienced attorneys and accountants are adept at negotiating with landlords to assertively seek the appropriate refund amount.

Landlord CAM Reconciliation

On point CAM review


The value of a property can be negatively impacted if Common Area Maintenances is not properly billed to tenants. LPRD conducts a meticulous review of relevant lease CAM provisions analyze the expenses provided and seeking to maximize expenses which can be legitimately passed-thru to the tenant. LPRD then accurately calculates each tenant's CAM reimbursement amount.

By relying upon LPRD’s CAM experts, landlords will maximize their reimbursement revenue and be relieved of the tiresome burden and pitfalls associated with computing CAM and billing tenants.