Deep Search.

Real Diligence specializes in providing comprehensive, accurate and timely financial due diligence for commercial real estate acquisitions. We perform a thorough financial audit of the real estate asset, analyzing and verifying historical financial statements, scrutinizing each income and expense item and providing a detailed cash flow analysis. Real Diligence has particular expertise in analyzing in-depth common area maintenance (CAM) reimbursement and methodology.

We Take Charge.

Expert financial due diligence is paper intensive, time consuming and detail-oriented! At Real Diligence, we use our unique “Take Charge Method” to control the process completely. Rest assured that we take the initiative to gather and organize information in the due diligence investigation. Leaving no stone unturned, Real Diligence proactively searches, sorts, and synthesizes every piece of financial data to ensure we have a complete and accurate financial picture of the property.

Your Trusted Advisor.

Real Diligence combines a review of the data with a comprehensive understanding of the investment objectives. It is only by examining this data holistically that the positives and negatives are revealed. Our team of experts, with over 25 years experience in commercial real estate transactions, is uniquely qualified to analyze all the financial components of the property, find meaning in the data and identify the true value of the asset.

    We then summarize our findings into two valuable deliverables:
  • a concise, easy-to-read Executive Summary, and
  • a unique series of Reports backed by all supporting documentation.

The Bottom Line is a Better Bottom Line.

At Real Diligence, our goal is to uncover any financial trouble spots or potential problems with the asset. Our meticulous research provides the most accurate view of the asset(s). Armed with a comprehensive due diligence report, you will be better qualified to negotiate from a position of strength in order to strike the most advantageous deal.