Easy to read Due Diligence Report plus Comprehensive Supplement with Supporting data

Real Diligence provides its clients with a financial due diligence report that comprehensively describes a property's economic health. The property's actual numbers as uncovered by Real Diligence are scrupulously compared to the information found within the seller's or broker's current representations and pro forma calculations. Results of the review are presented in a detailed yet easy to read format.

Real Diligence provides an due diligence report that describes & graphically depicts:

  • A five-year financial forecast for the property
  • Income details such as gross potential rent, concessions and abatements, vacancies and outstanding collections, etc.
  • Expense details such as property taxes, insurance, payroll, utilities, repair and maintenance, management, etc.
  • Property specific analysis of square footage, lease expiration and rent per square foot
  • Property-wide and tenant-specific commentary

Additionally, the due diligence report is accompanied by a comprehensive supplement that augments the data. Examples of what is contained within the supplement includes but is not limited to:

  • Items of Concerns
  • Summary of Security Deposits
  • Lease Expiration, including date, options, option notice dates, option rates
  • Termination Rights
  • Rent Abatements and Free Rents Outstanding
  • Tenant Improvements and leasing commissions for existing tenants and future renewals
  • Exclusive Uses, and Go Dark Clauses
  • Rent Roll
  • Options and Rights Summaries