Considering a loan workout? Don't approach your lender unprepared. Let a Real Diligence Loan Workout Consultant to assist you in the loan workout process, from beginning to end.

Owners of distressed commercial real estate assets can best protect their interests, improve their cash flow and maximize capital recovery by negotiating favorable new terms from their note holders. The challenge, however, is to convince a lender that a loan workout is in their interest.

Real Diligence offers a suite of specialized services to support owners before, during and after the entire workout process, ensuring an optimal resolution. Our loan modification services enable owners to demonstrate the property's true current value and make the case for a principal or interest rate reduction, a payment moratorium or other workout solution.

Real Diligence's Distressed Assets Audit for a Loan Workout

To meet lenders demands for accurate, up-to-date evaluations, Real Diligence conducts a thorough analysis of the asset to demonstrate its actual value including arriving at a Net Present Value and the Net Operating Income. This involves:

  • Financial due diligence asset analysis
  • Third-party appraisal
  • Market analysis, including sales, rent and expense comps
  • Executive summary of Net Present Value and forecast of projected income
  • Complete back-up documentation

Expert Support and Counsel for a Loan Workout

In addition to compiling, analyzing and reporting on all financial data, Real Diligence has the experience and skills to support and counsel owners before and during the loan workout negotiations until an agreement is signed. Our specialists stand ready to:

  • Develop positive strategies for workout options and terms
  • Manage and resolve issues as they arise
  • Negotiate terms with the lender or servicer
  • Negotiate the final Loan Resolution Agreement

With Real Diligence's expert assistance, property owners seeking a loan workout now enter the negotiating process with a team of experts leading the way to achieve a favorable outcome.