Real Diligence provides meticulous, comprehensive and reliable financial due diligence to all parties active in the real estate market. Dedicated to the highest standards of client satisfaction, we treat each transaction as if our own capital were in question.

Our financial due diligence services begin with a full financial review of the property's documents, including its:

  • Historical financial statements and projected budget
  • Income, including current and future base rent, percentage rent, additional rent and miscellaneous income
  • Reimbursement income and methodology
  • Expenses, including real estate taxes, operating expenses, tenant improvements and leasing commissions

A master list of all missing documents is compiled and follow-up requests for more information are tracked and recorded. Data is then gathered and entered into Argus or Real Diligence's proprietary software and listed against the seller's or broker's current representations and pro forma calculations. Results of the financial due diligence review are then compiled and presented in a comprehensive report, with a clear and concise Executive Summary.

In addition, Real Diligence provides customized and specialized analyses, such as NPV-IRR analysis, sensitivity tables and syndicate and waterfall analysis, making us an ideal partner for real estate investment and management expertise.