CAM Audit and Analysis

The value of a property can be significantly impacted if Common Area Maintenance, or CAM, billing is under or over-charged. An accurate landlord CAM audit is therefore critically important in commercial real estate acquisitions. Real Diligence can also examine CAM billing from a tenant perspective to ensure a legitimate pass-through of obligations.

CAM Audit Services for Landlords

Following a meticulous review of the leases, Real Diligence will abstract each tenant's CAM reimbursement methodology. Based upon the abstracts and an analysis of expenses that can be legitimately passed through, Real Diligence can then accurately calculate each tenant's CAM reimbursement amount. As separate services for existing and future owners, Real Diligence can seek to maximize the expenses that can be legitimately passed through to the tenants and can relieve the owner of the burden of CAM calculation and tenant billing.

CAM Audit Services for Tenants

Because of our expertise in CAM audit services on behalf of landlords, tenants often approach Real Diligence to assist them with their own CAM auditing services. In these cases, Real Diligence will perform a desktop audit and review the tenant's operating expenses, CAM, taxes and insurance. These desktop audits often uncover errors that can result in significant savings to the tenant. Real Diligence's team of experienced attorneys and accountants can directly negotiate with the landlord, assertively seeking the appropriate refund amount while being ever mindful of the importance of the landlord/tenant relationship.